Tuesday, March 10, 2009

one is silver and the other's gold

i think maybe one of the big reasons i ended up here was to learn how to deal with change. since you can't stop things from changing i guess the best you can do is be ok with the changes. lesley and martyn both flew out today and it was gloomy and rainy out and i started to really feel awful about them not being around. they're two of the reasons why i ever went upstairs to see who's in the living room and it will definitely take some time to adjust to them not being here. i keep catching myself listening for them upstairs.
that said, 2 hours before martyn left, krissy and jeremy walked through the door. they're engaged, worked in korea for a year, had a lot of questions, seemed interested in life here. they seem really normal and nice and like they want to get out and do things. and danielle and tess and i just chatted about random things tonight and tess is girly and fun which is what i was really missing about home. so it's looking good here.
other than thattt it was just a really plain day. carol has been making fred, one of the cutest little boys in my class (and also the younger brother of one of my other kids, sally), give her a hug so today when he was reading with me he just climbed into my lap. it's really an awesome job to just play games and have fun with kids all week.

p.s. i just started the good earth by pearl s. buck and it is loooovely. becca and i decided it's probably that much better since i'm in asia. the author is from china and her sentence structure was tripping me up a little bit at times until i realized that the wacky sentences are following the chinese grammar structure.. which makes it more like an interesting puzzle that i know how to figure out.


Anonymous said...

Good thing you like kids climbing into your lap.

Not everyone does.

WK said...

Also check out "Sons" and "A House Divided."

Its_Lily said...

It's been gray and rainy here as well. I was shocked at how cold the rain was on Saturday. Ah well, the change of seasons is never bliss, but good things cometh.

Anonymous said...


Although, I know you don't like hiking.


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