Monday, March 16, 2009

do it faster, make it better

today jerry and i went swimming with jaime and joyce in the afternoon. that was an awesome way to spend a sunday afternoon. we went to steve and josh and mike's pool which is in the basement but there's a window near the ceiling so it just feels really cozy and cool like you're swimming in a cave or something.
[all of these pictures are from yesterday when amanda, mr. kuo's daughter, gave me a box of cheesecake bars. she was eating one earlier this week and i asked if she would get me some and i'd pay her back. they are the light of my life right now. so delicious.]
anyway the pool experience was joyce screaming 'MEGANNNN, COME HERE' or 'MEGANN, MY BALL!' or 'MEGAN, YOU SEE!' i love her. she is so much fun. she has those little arms floaties and she can only kind of swim so most of the time she just latches on to you and points to where she wants to go.
oh! the best part of the day/my life was today when i was in the bathroom of the pool after having showered and this woman walks in and i told her that the shower on the far end didn't have working hot water but that i was finished with this shower so she could use it. she asked about the bathing suits on the rack and i said they were my friends but that it was ok, they'd get them when she was done.
all in chinese! and she understood me and i understood her and i knew how to say every word and it was like we were just talking like normal people. it was awesome.
once i got home i did two loads of laundry and miraculously had 8 10NT pieces to stick in the drier. my belt broke :( the metal clasp must have been knocking around too much in the drier and it just broke in half.
then this evening i spent an hour at the coffee shop reading and sipping on an iced caramel hot chocolate that was to dieee for. it might be my new favorite thing there. although really, i love everything they have. and the dog spent some time at my feet because i used jeff's scratch-under-the-collar technique to make a lasting friendship.
i'll leave you with mom's [ok, fannie farmer's] crepe recipe. i'm going to make them later this week. i like to fill them with butter and whipped cream. yuuumm! or applesauce. or strawberries.

p.s. i'm continually adding and subtracting from the blog list at the side so if you ever see one you like, you should bookmark it because it may or may not always be there. i just added designer's brew which will complete the circle. it seems that all of my favorite design bloggers are friends so they're always commenting on each other's stuff. it looks really goooddd, i'm excited to check it out tomorrow.
other recent additions are tongue in cheek (which may or may not be sticking around) written by a woman who lives in paris and posts random things, and homesick texan written by a woman in new york city.. it has recipes and little stories. she doesn't update often enough for my taste, but it's good when it's updated.

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Its_Lily said...

oh man, those cheesecake sticks are calling my name. If only......