Tuesday, March 17, 2009

run so fast they can't even touch me

today was really good for no real reason other than the weather was beautiful and i felt really productive. this morning jerry woke me up after he came back from chinese at 11 and i felt rested and nice. headed to ali baba's to pick up mutton briyani for lunch which was soo good.
then i went to blockbuster to rent a movie for my movie day on thursday. i decided on big daddy. i've watched ratatouille in 2 classes now and i think it's kind of babyish for them. there were 2 women working there and one of them was literally crouched down behind the counter so i couldn't see her ... it was weird.
i tried to ask this little shop if they had green tea. they didn't.. but thenn i saw a tea shop across the street so i went over there to order iced green tea with a little sugar and a little ice and the woman said my chinese was very good! that makes my whole day.

came home and colored my stickers and then i had 2 really good classes with my fun kids who i enjoy so much. the kids in my first class were trying to gauge my chinese skills before class started, asking me all sorts of random words. in my second class, kevin 1 was testing me on fruit during the break and then he tried to teach me some animals.
tonight i headed to jerrys and made mom's crepes. we filled them with whipped cream and butter or apricot jam or sliced up nectarines. they were pretty yummy. alex had never even had a crepe before which is beyond my comprehension.
at my house, they're what we have for breakfast on special occasions. my friends were always excited for my sleepover birthdays because they knew we'd have crepes in the morning. and we have them on christmas and lazy sundays. so easy.
i followed the recipe i posted yesterday but without upping the measurements and it needed more than a cup of milk.. although i eyeballed it so maybe i just didn't initially add a cup. it should be thinner than normal pancake batter so you can swirl it around the pan after you ladel some in.

ps i just downloaded the slumdog millionaire soundtrack and even if you haven't seen the movie, you should check out the soundtrack. it is so good.

pps game of the week (straight from jerry): writing their QAs in acronym form and then giving them 5 minutes to figure them out without their QA books (2 pts each) and then 5 minutes when they get to look at their books (1 pt each)
WIT? .. where is taiwan?
WCSYB? .. what color suits you best?
WDYUASF? .. what do you use a spoon for?

ok ONE MORE thing. look at how cute tastespotting is today with st. patrick's day everything. i totally skipped it this year. i don't even own any green stuff.

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