Friday, March 6, 2009

megan mention

i haven't read this through yet and it appears that i'm the 'what not to do' in the comparison when it comes to how to get your blog as #1 in the google search, but it's interesting that they picked me, regardless.

it makes me laugh because the guy focused on the one 2 sentence post i have (about when my internet connection wasn't working.. which was more of an SOS than anything) to compare to a professional's full-color blog. i emailed him to politely explain that my blog is meant for my friends and family, and though i'm happy to have picked up some random readers along the way, i'm not after large numbers of readers or ad revenue.

..and i'm not #1 when you search 'taiwan blogs' but check out 'blonde taiwan'.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a long-time lurker. I've been reading your blog since maybe... August? I had been thinking about coming to Taiwan to teach English and googled blogs in Taiwan. (And as of November '08, I'm here!)

If it's worth anything... I started reading both Michael's blog and yours, but yours is the only one of the two that I subscribed to. Michael's is, frankly, boring. Yours however? Endlessly entertaining and touching personal story about just livin' and doin' your thing in Taiwan. I love it.

- Sara

WK said...

1. I suppose English is his second language.

2. However, it is clear that his primary language is Doucheanese.

Rolands said...

It's NOT that your blog is "what you don't need to do". I just tried to get an understanding why 2 blogs, having in the URL "taiwan" ranks different in google. I have no any intentions to say bad about Your work (I even use big Y, so to mention that personal charm of both blogs are equal". By the way - your biggest treasure are your friends, you can see in the comments they are ready to kill me protecting you, calling me jackass, and using the only argument they have - english is really not my native language. That's the treasure you got with such a personal blog. And not traffic from google, what Michael's blog has. Well, maybe they are right calling me jackass, if so, I am sorry, if I made you feel bad. It was experiment, maybe not a good one. So, paraphrasing the "don't have 100 dollars, have 100 friends" for you will be - don't have 100 clicks, have 100 friends. :)

Majjy said...

Note to Roland-
We needn't get worked up here.

I find it oddly flattering that someone "random" is comparing and contrasting my daughter's blog with others in Taiwan.

That Megan posts strictly for the enjoyment of family and friends, seems obvious to those of us who love her and read it. Seeing photos of foot nibbling fish, Taiwanese students and Latini's helps me feel more connected to my child half a world away.

That you stumbled upon Megan's blog is ok, but to critique it's content, is unnecessary. Let those of us who love her, love it.

Enjoy your own Taiwanese experience.

Its_Lily said...

Megan, I wouldn't have you change a thing. You make me laugh, and smile, and sigh with contentment knowing that what you write about JUST HAPPENED! It’s very ‘in the moment.’ I love the little glimpses of Taiwan living you share through your blog and how you make me feel connected to Alex by the random mention or glimpse of him in the occassional photo. Don’t change anything. It’s perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love reading blogs, if i don't like a blog, i don't read them, but i don't critique anyone because i do realize that blogs are for the person writing them, it's like a shared diary, and with that, i don't feel that anyone should say anything bad. having said that.....i do wish that any blogger would post pictures the right way up, it's hard to have to turn my head to enjoy an image

Anonymous said...

oh, yeah....that was a gripe in general about posting pictures.....not meant against megan or anything....i think she's been good about posting images.

megan said...

lol thanks! i was about to go back through and try to find which one of my pictures was on its side.

brr it is 16 C outside and rainy and i have to drive 30 minutes to school in it and i'm wishing i could just crawl back into bed...

megan said...

yahoo! thanks bec. i especially like the part about 'bozo'. meggie

Andres said...

for whatever it's worth, i really enjoy reading your blog and wouldn't change a thing. keep it up!