Tuesday, March 31, 2009

guess you get used to somebody

it's weird being in your early 20s. you get so used to being in school and always having another grade ahead of you and the same routine year after year without a whole lot of decisions to make, and then all of the sudden you've graduated from college and your whole life is up to you. what job will you do? where will you live? what will you do with your free time? what are you looking forward to?

[these pictures are from my 'i love this' design folder]
i'm relatively happy with the decisions i've made so far. there's just always the nagging feeling that you could be doing more or helping people or doing something that's making more of a difference. teaching kids is really rewarding though. as much as we complain about not being 'real teachers', i think the work i'm doing here is worthwhile. if nothing else, my kids say 'please' and 'thank you' without thinking about it.
this afternoon i woke up at one o'clockkk! i remember turning off my alarm at 9:30 and then i just went back to sleep and it was dreary and cold out, and i knew when i looked at the clock it could be any time between 10 and 2, but what a waste of a morning! the day felt so short since i had to leave for class at 4. on the other hand, i got up at 7 for a year for my job in the real world and i enjoy having the option of sleeping in until 1 if my body wants to. especially on those days when your bed is sooo comfy and warm.

looking forward to.. BLT's tomorrow. seeing my favorite class on thursday afternoon. not teaching on saturday! tomb sweeping holiday.

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