Wednesday, March 11, 2009

they say that things just cannot grow beneath the winter snow

well, the nail polish didn't last more than 24 hours. i think i would pay a lot for nail polish that stays on for a week without chipping. even my jerk class noticed though. the more chinese i learn, the more i understand what the heck is going on in there. i was pretty happy to recognize zhe jia you (nail polish).
jerry is humoring me and we skipped ahead to the food section in the new vocab book. i'm in the process of learning fruits and vegetables on flash cards. so far i have..
manguo mango
putaoyao grape fruit
xiang gua honeydew melon
cao mei strawberries
xiang jiao banana
lulian durian
fong li pineapple
there are some funny things too. the word for 'broccoli' is the same as 'cauliflower' except that broccoli has 'green' on the front of it. hua ye cai/lu se hua ye cai.
and 'green bell pepper' is qing (fresh.. i think) jiao but then red bell pepper is hong (red) jiao and yellow bell pepper is huang (yellow) jiao.

anyway tonight i went over the new words with mr. kuo and he kept asking me which ones i like so he could mai ge ni chi (buy and give me to eat) and i was hoping he knew i wasn't learning the food words just so i could request food from them. i told mrs. chan that on sunday we could go through the kitchen and i could tell her the name for everything.
my bracelet is all tarnished so i asked gram how i could polish it without silver polish and she suggested dipping it in warm water with baking soda. it sort of worked but it's still not really shiny and silver.

so krissy and jeremy moved into an apartment today. that generally means that we'll never see them again, but we'll see what happens. they'll need to get hooked into some kind of social network somehow. and jon decided we're a pretend couple because everyone is a couple around here. he's been calling me sweetie and making random jokes. it's been pretty amusing.

hey i remember some more pub quiz questions.
which country has the only solid colored flag and what color is it?
how many E's are there in the scrabble letter bag?
what's the 3rd most spoken language in the world?
what's the most popular beverage in the world?
this is the after photo. that's shadow/remaining tarnish.

libya, green
10 E's

one mosquito down! goodnight
you have to be kidding me! i've killed 3 of them in the last 20 minutes.


missris said...

Ketchup works really well to polish tarnished silver

Its_Lily said...

I'm sure they sell polishing cloths in Taiwan. They take up very little space and you can leave it in your travel bag.

I'm sure you and Alex could compare hateful/horror stories about those dreaded mosquitos. I think he would shoot them if he could aim that well. Instead he gets great pleasure out of smashing them. lol

Heather Pitts said...

hey just stopping by to say that i think youd enjoy Amy Seeley - you can download her on iTunes. :) that's all. carry on!

Leila said...

I've always successfully used toothpaste as a silver polish/cleaner. Give it a shot. Get an old toothbrush (soft bristles) and give your bracelet a scrubbin'. Your wrist will also smell minty fresh...bonus.