Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a circle's round, it has no end

nothing to report today except that..
a) i painted my nails which is a rare treat for me and my kids. all of my girls noticed. and is it just me or is it a lot more fun to point to things and type when your nails are painted?

b) my team won justin's pub quiz tonight! and i contributed to the win! all i can remember is..
how many tentacles does a squid have?
what does a phlebotomist extract from the human body?
what do you traditionally give a couple on their first wedding anniversary?
(this is the floor mat i inherited from lesley and it is so good. it's so nice not to step onto cold tile when you get out of bed. and i love the added color in my room.)
10 tentacles
they extract blood

time for bed! it's late and i have early chinese.


Anonymous said...

i love the new mat.

Majjy said...

I see you still have your sparkly silver plastic shoes.