Sunday, March 29, 2009

if you give a mouse a cookie

can you believe jaime and joyce made cookies for the first time today? apparently ovens aren't very popular in taiwan. i think in her apartment you could choose between a dishwasher and an oven and bobo chose a dishwasher.
she said that's why bakeries are so popular and why they always buy cakes for peoples birthday. so i invited the girls over and we whipped up some of alex's mom's pumpkin-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.
the first attempt at cracking an egg resulted in half of it in the bowl and half on the table, but the second try was the charm. and i tried to teach them to level off the measuring cups with a knife, but that wasn't catching on. luckily, these cookies are really forgiving. i just adjusted the amount of pumpkin and flour until the batter looked right.

yuuum they were good! i even managed to save a few for alex this time.jon played with us for a while. he picked all 3 of us up at one time. i love jaime's face in that picture.
and we found some time for twister while we waited for the cookies to bake. joyce is a pro even though her legs barely reach from the red dot to the green one.

you can find the recipe here.


WK said...

I'll be requiring some of your baked goods this summer.

Anonymous said...

1. good call including the recipe. 2. i love the picture where he's picking the three of y'all up at once! next time, make it four.

Its_Lily said...

They look adorable playing Twister. I think you'll have a hard time leaving them IF you decide to go back to Texas in June.

Anonymous said...

i knew washers and dryers were very rare in taiwan (dryers still kinda are) from when i was a kid living in taiwan. however, i always wondered why my mom couldn't bake to save my life.