Sunday, March 15, 2009

speech competition

here are some of my kids' unedited speeches. awesome.

Ivy (Superstition)

As it concerns me some matters occur in the real life also had confirmed. I also can approve and believe, but these if is the rumor is insufficient to function some times which picks the letter to blindly, believe in had not know in advance the matter can shift to an earlier time discovered this is a good dead, because may have to exempt the nonessential matter has or not good influence some times sinks confuses believes other people’s excuse to fabricate the fact therefore has badly must be able to distinguish.

[babelfish, anyone? holy moly.]

Kevin1 (Superstition)

Nowadays, the technology has been improved fast and some illnesses come along. A few of people died because that they took medicines which were given from unlicensed doctors but not go to see real doctors. We need to keep ourselves from sickness. Therefore, we will not be hurt because we believe in those pills or elixirs. Once having colds, we have to go to see doctors. Drink more, exercise more, and eat more vegetables will keep people healthy.


Designers' Brew said...

these are great. One of my best friends is an art history professor, and when she wants to make us laugh she'll give us excerpts from her students' papers... the worst are the people who think they know what they're talking about!

BTW thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)

Leila said...

That's something I am not going to miss AT ALL...the reading, correcting and sometimes writing of speeches for the competitions. Most kids just slap everything onto an online translator...and it totally shows...