Sunday, March 8, 2009

the start of something new

i'm proud to say i've never been hung over before.. until this morning. man. i felt pretty awful. i didn't get to bed until late last night and then i woke up and just felt dizzy and awful for the first 6 hours or so of my day.
in the afternoon i headed to latini's but it was so busy and loud in there that i ordered soup and a panini and had them bring it over to me at the coffee shop, where it was mellow and wonderful and dark. today i found out what the woman's name is who works there in the early afternoons; minami. that's going to be hard to remember. it's like miami with an n..?
i ordered tea with grapefruit, orange and honey in it. she doublechecked with me to make sure i wanted it iced. today was super rainy but not cold out. the taiwanese have a weird thing about only drinking hot things in the winter. i always get weird reactions when i asked for iced coffee or iced tea when it's cold out.
then this afternoon bobo's family went to visit jerry and we all walked over to josh, steve and mike's apartment down the street to play in their awesome ball pit. last time we went, we played for a good hour or so before we got busted. this time, the janitor was on us in about 10 minutes. apparently there's some issue with us being too heavy and he's afraid we'll crush all of the balls.

it was fun while it lasted though. there were two little boys in there with us, allen and jonathan. i was speaking to jonathan, who was probably 4 or 5, in chinese and he would just come up to me speaking tons and tons of chinese in his squeaky little voice and i couldn't understand 75% of it. i did know hao wan ma? 'isn't this fun?'

drove home in the pouring rain. i had left my helmet upside down so it was full of a couple inches of water. whoops! and i hadn't brought my rain pants since it didn't really feel like rain when i left.. so my jeans were soaking wet by the time i got home.

then this evening martyn, steve, mike, josh and i went to TGIF for martyn's last dinner. i'm going to miss martyn a lot. he's like our dad in a lot of ways. he's a good cook, he always has tips about how to drive safely on the scooter and conflict avoidance. he's always level headed and positive.
(that's jaime's classic confused face. she's very expressive.) and it's lesley's last night. she leaves tomorrow afternoon. i feel like we were just starting to become friends. but we'll have gchat and email. who's going to bake stuff with me now and be my puffy coat buddy and snark about people?
but we already have 2 new name tags. krissy, as i mentioned (and misspelled) last night, and then today someone found 'jeremy' next to jon's door. it's always changing around here! we'll see how it goes.

more pictures of today and last night can be found right here

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