Sunday, March 8, 2009

josh's birthday

well the dorm came out in full force for josh's birthday tonight. i think the last time we had everyone in one place like that was thanksgiving. josh is really a character though and i think we're all glad to have him around. it was really sweet.
lesley and danielle and i made a chocolate layer cake.. mostly lesley. i creamed the butter and the sugar.
his nickname is vosh because the school misspelled his name on a certificate they gave him once.
i reused the wrapping paper i had saved from my birthday presents in september. the jiffy pop fit perfectly in that polka dotted paper.

tess, our newest girl. although they just put up a name on the noe's old room: chrissy. we're not sure when she's due, but it's probably soon.
bobo surrounded by a bunch of her students. josh, mike and steve were there but i didn't get any pictures of josh and steve. they were mostly hanging out outside and i was too cold to venture into the elements.
JG and i. we decorated the living daylights out of that box with a set of crayons. i didn't get any pictures of the final product. jon and john both wrote him a song.
jon must have practiced his for us at least 10 times before josh came home from class. it was really cute how much thought he put into it.
new new john's song was kind of lacking substance since he's only known josh a week.. but the heart was there.
jon bought these knockoff adidas called jumps. he has lots of funny terms that he likes to throw around.. nugs (chicken nuggets), jumps, cruisin' the gut on my hog. he's hilarious. we have a lot of fun joking around.
nearly everyone.. minus alex, josh, steve, mike, martyn and dena.
the girls. lesley and i spent maybe an hour at starbucks this evening chatting. our families are surprisingly similar. i'm going to miss her when she's out of here.

the end of the night just devolved into silliness.
there's one of my only alex pictures, lily. he got there kind of late and most of the picture taking had ended.

other than that.. i ate some kelp at the kuos and a table of guys were listening to mr. kuo and i go through my chinese flash cards. i learned all of the makeup words, so mrs. chan and i were discussing why she never wears makeup. mr. kuo said 'no money!' and i said 'yin wei wo bu hui gei nimen qian, suoyi chan tai tai bu hui mai saihong han jie mao gao.' (because you don't let me give you money.. so mrs. chan can't buy blush or mascara). and they just whacked me with my book and laughed. the table next to us was laughing and mrs. chan told them all about me and how i come there all the time.

fun day. it's 4:30. time for bed.

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Its_Lily said...

This is great! Everyone is so creative in their gift giving and wrapping. Not only that, but also in the decorating of the communal room. It's clear that these are temporary living quarters, but still, you want the place to look like a home. And thanks for posting the pic of A. (he so needs a haircut)