Friday, March 27, 2009

sister is the opposite of hallelujah

tonight in my second class we were reading a little story that went something like..
teacher: come in, children! shut the door please, billy.
everyone sit down please.
who can draw a picture?
danny: i can, miss beamer..

anyway i thought it would be interesting to act it out with my class, so i told them all to stand up and follow me. i was goinggg to take them out into the hallway so i could tell them to come in, but when i went to turn the doorknob, we were locked inside.

we happened to be in the only room in the school that has the misfortune of locking from the outside, and my troublemaker of a kid had locked it when he came in from blowing his nose in the hall. jerk! so my kids initially looked at me in horror as we all realized we were trapped, but once we sat down and continued to act out the lesson, they forgot all about it.

it wasn't until the bell rang for break time that they all got up, ran to the door and started pounding on it and screaming "HELP USSSS, HELP US!" my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.

..other than that.. i went to paspi (pasta+pizza) to pick up dinner to go tonight, and the owner and i finally took it to the next level. last time i was there, i asked what his name was and introduced myself. so tonight he asked if i wanted what i always get, and i said yes. i was happy enough with that, but then he went on to ask where i work, how long i've been in taiwan, and some questions about josh, steve and mike who live right down the street from him and frequent his shop. i tried to tell him that they lived right around the corner, but i don't really know how to say 'a little ways down the street' and i forgot 'apartment building'.

i'm always excited to have any kind of conversation with anyone in chinese. speaking of chinese, bobo came to the dorm tonight to say goodbye to chris who's going to visit canada tomorrow, and she taught katie and i a new song.
yi er san shi wu liu qi, wo de peng you zai na li
zai zhe li, zai zhe li, wo do peng you zai zhe li
one two three four five six seven, where is my friend?
they are here, they are here, my friend is here

..the cuteness of it is kind of lost in english. it rhymes in chinese

there's some random youtube kid proving my point.

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davidc said...

yeaaaa...its not as cool in english :)