Friday, March 13, 2009

so far, we are so close

a couple of stories.
i'm always starving halfway through jr. high class so today i went and got the usual green tea and then i also picked up some cut up bell fruit from family mart. their sushi triangles don't have pictures like 7-11's do, so i didn't get one.
anyway then as i was on my way to my scooter i saw a little stand where i thought i could get a plain white rice, but it was a sushi place and they didn't have any boxes so i just decided to get a sushi roll. i was all excited that i knew the name for the japanese stuff i like.. but the girl talked me into getting some kimchi too and it ruined it. we communicated pretty well though. victory there.
my lesson was supposed to be about food and restaurants today, and i didn't really know how i was going to fill 2 hours so i made up an 'identify the mystery substance' game for them. i was feeling pretty good about my lesson actually until i showed up to class and they all had the lesson 4 work sheets printed (that's supposed to be for next week) since they had lesson 3 last week but we did a review so i had them hold onto them for this week.
so i ended up teaching a lesson i had never read or looked at or anything. it was all about drinks so it kind of worked out. i just tweaked it.
then i gave a test in my first regular class and i was eaten aliiiive by a swarm of mosquitoes for 2 hours. the kids had a hard time concentrating because i was swatting randomly with my book.

my second class is really, really bad. the coteacher has them recite the lessons even though they can't read so today i had them read some words on the white board and they couldn't identify 'the' or 'way'. i need to figure out how to catch them up. one kid was looking at the word 'matter' and said some 1 syllable word that started with D. HELLOOOO!
the lessons are always the same more or less but you have to think of a new game every week. this week they have to ask a question and then i put a ping pong ball on the lip of the white board and they have 10 seconds to blow it to the edge of their opponents side.

and i've been playing a reading game where i read a sentence in their book like normal and they race to find it and read it backwards. since they do so much reciting, they can all just recite every sentence in the book so having them read backwards makes them actually read the words.

emil and derek had a going away party tonight so i'm behind schedule. time to dry my hair and get going.
natalie, me, emil, bobo, anisa and alex

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Sara said...

you have the best games!