Monday, March 23, 2009

just as they play our favorite song

it has been weird around here, weather-wise. sunday was warm, almost hot, and beautiful. sunny. then it rained at night. today was cloudy and a little chilly but not too bad and then tonight, right as my last class ended, it started pouring down rain.
i'm chatting with jeff on skype. he went to some party and met some girl who knows me somehow and we agreed that between the three of us, we know a whole lot of people from our high school. jeff is 3 years younger than me and matt is 2 years younger than him, so we have a 5 year span covered. my brothers are so cool. we have an interesting mix of different vs sameness.
i don't have anything to say tonight. i have a head ache because both of my classes were screaming at the top of their lungs the whole time. monday can be a little crazy.
dawn and i are going to the gym at 815 tomorrow for an early morning yoga class. there was a free weeklong pass floating around the dorm so i'm going to see what i think of the yoga classes and maaaaybe ballroom dance on wednesday. we'll see how tired my body is after yoga.

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