Monday, March 30, 2009

bits and pieces

i'm ready for warm weather to come back. when i went home for christmas, i left most of my cold weather clothes there because i didn't think i'd need them too much longer.. but here we are in almost april and it's 17 degrees out. i have 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 hoodies and my favorite sweater.

well i wasn't too excited about backwards week initially, but it was a lot of fun tonight. in my first class, the kids are like 12 and 13 so they're old enough that i can let them be the teacher. it was pretty funny to see what they thought made them into a teacher. they borrowed my, 'who can read this sentence? (no one raises hand) YOU!' and whacking people on the head with the book.

and jasmine and i got a chance to annoy them with their own antics, like talking while they're trying to talk, not paying attention, giving obviously wrong answers, and reading super loud while we're reading as a class. i think i saw some lightbulbs turning on above heads.

i bought some tops from a girl who has a little table set up by guei shan school and when i got them home, they fit funny. i think i learned my lesson with buying cheapy taiwanese clothes. they aren't well made and i'd rather save my pennies to buy a bunch of cuuuute things that will be on sale at j crew by the time i get home.

i'm kind of in a ruffle phase, can you tell?


Anonymous said...

i think there needs to be a way for this comment thing to go both ways. i'm not getting enough megan, lately.

Anonymous said...

and now that i put the comma before 'lately' i can't tell if it should be there or not. dang. here's your first chance for comment response. =)

T.K. (preparing to go to Taiwan) said...

17 degrees = cold?
I would love it for it to be only 10 degrees where I am. ^^

megan said...

comma placement mystifies me too. i think it's ok before lately.

Majjy said...

When have you ever gone out of the ruffle phase? You may have dabbled in a "modified ruffle" phase at some point but ultimately you always return to being a girlie girl.

You make a lovely one BTW.