Sunday, March 15, 2009


my dad is one of my favorite people. he has the quickest sense of humor of anyone i know and he's thoughtful, easy to be around and really fun. i'm always proud to have him with me when we're in public because he's good at putting people at ease and making little jokes.
it's funny how your outlook expands as you get older. when i was little i thought my dad was cool because he would take me to dairy queen after kindergarten and he pried some little boy's knee out of a rogue shopping cart at costco. one time we were at the grocery store and i was riding underneath the shopping cart where the dog food usually goes and got my finger sucked up into the wheel and was bleeding everywhere, and he carried me to the restaurant and wrapped it in napkins.
now we do things like watch the sunday morning show and take trips to the grocery store and stock up on old forest salami and parmesan goldfish. and we still take trips to costco. those hot dogs hit the spot sometimes.
and he has a nickname for everyone and everything. jeff and matt and i all have a million variations on our names that have all been thought up by faj [one of mine went from pooch head to pooch-heada to poochie to poocherella (which i think came from mom actually) to pooch and beyond]. almost everyone we know has some kind of code name.
so i'm lucky to have such a good dad. happy birthday faj!
time for bed. long day.

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