Wednesday, March 25, 2009

rubie green fabric i the only one who's tickled to see things that share her name?
Rubie Green sells organic bedding and has a pattern, white with black pineapples, called Megan.
the description says..
She believes in pairing stilettos with cowboy hats, wine with hot dogs, and acrylic nails with the engine of a '67 Mustang. Megan is unique and edgy while being feminine and playful; she'll wear her Prom Queen title but never her boyfriend's varsity jacket. Her will is strong and her wit sky-high; she is the girl who leads the pack, the girl who stands apart.
I love the description but i think i prefer the look of Patsy
p.s. a dirt collection after my own heart.


Its_Lily said...

I'll take Indian Lake.
Does Megan fit you?

megan said...

i think mostly yes. except no acrylic nails.

indian lake is cute. it would be fun at the cabin.

Majjy said...

Patsy is your favorite color. I agree it's preferably to the pineapples. I would like Indian Lake on a throw pillow.

Back from Neuvo Yorka.