Friday, March 27, 2009

there is an element of fun

eunice, ryan, vanessa, joseph and mandy at our demo a few weeks ago.

3 things i miss about texas
1. ballet class. mainly because i enjoy wearing a skirt over my leotard and prancing around the farmer's market next to the ballet studio before class on saturday like i'm a real ballerina and not an uncoordinated wannabe.
2. kerbey queso, central market dinner-for-two's, south congress cafe's queso flameado, shady grove's veggie chilli.
3. driving to the lake on saturday morning with the fam, with ripley standing on the armrest because she's so excited to be off the leash for the day. and the delicious italian food and freezer full of popsicles and the hammock and the sunday morning show.
me, ryan, eunice, joseph, jessica and elaine

3 things i love about taiwan
1. taiwanese people like the kuos who go above and beyond being hospitable to me when i don't do near enough to repay them.
2. cong you bing aka scallion pancakes with egg on one side. those things are ridiculously delicious and they keep me going for hours.
3. my kids

ryan's mom made me a cd of pictures and videos from our demo a few weeks ago. this video is one of their mini plays.

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