Sunday, March 29, 2009

we found a wood, we unfound a wood

the classrooms at school are divided into two sections and they compete against each other a lot. when one team loses, the other team has some kind of punishment.
this can include..
-ask a QA (they memorize all of these prescribed questions & answers)
-cha cha cha which involved sticking your hands over your head and shaking your booty. they roll the dice and that's how many times they have to do it
-several variations on cha cha cha include 'kiss', 'monkey', or 'sexy cha cha cha'
-model show.. which is usually them walking like normal down the center aisle and then striking some kind of lame pose at the end

-pegouman pegou means 'hips' in chinese.. so they have to spell a word using their butts. it is so cute.

this week is backwards week so i wore my pajamas to class. it was really good until vivian dropped a dry erase marker from the whiteboard and the top flew off and black ink splattered all over my jammies.
none of my kids dressed up or anything so i had them all take off their shoes and switch and put on their jackets backwards or turn their shirts around. it was cute in my baby classes.

other than that.. mr. kuo was gone so it was just mrs. chan and i. she gave me another one of those sticky rice things on a banana leaf.. i don't think i mentioned that the other day actually. they gave me a traditional taiwanese food the other day that was sticky stuff that i later found out is made out of ground up grass of some kind, and then there's bamboo and meat filling.
today was the dessert version though. the sticky part on the outside was hot pink and it was filled with red bean and ginger or something. the sticky stuff had the consistency of like.. silly putty.

on the way home i went to a japanese place i had gone to with bobo a long time ago that i've been wanting to revisit. no one was there but the owners and their little boy.
we had a cute conversation. i'll put the chinese parts in italics
me: do you speak english?
kid: no
me: what's your name?
kid: my name is ben
then his mom and i spent 5 minutes figuring out what i wanted to order and i got to use my new vegetable words! ben sat down with me while i waited for my [delicious] soup.
ben: are you american?
me: yep. i'm from texas, you know?
ben: no, but dora is from america.
me: yeah that's right. does she speak english or chinese?
ben: she speaks a little english but mostly chinese because taiwanese kids wouldn't understand if she didn't. doraemon is from japan, do you like him?
me: i kind of like him. what language does he speak?
ben: chinese. i have lots of doraemon videos

and then my food came. i like ben. his dad kept telling him to leave me alone but he stopped once he saw that we had the kid/teacher connection going on.

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