Sunday, March 1, 2009

we're soaaaaaarin', flyyyyyin'

today was slow but nice. jerry threw a tea party at his apartment and it was a big success. their apartment was admired by all. it makes you feel like you're in a doll house or something, there are so many windows. it's very light and airy feeling with the windows open. it makes me want to cook.i made lemon cream sauce tonight and learned that you can't cook asparagus with lemon juice or it turns radioactive orange. tonight a bunch of us watched slumdog millionaire. it's best the first time but still good the second. we couldn't read the subtitles this time though and that made a big difference for the first timers.

and that was about it for today. hot spring tomorrow if it doesn't rain, or else i think another movie day.


Its_Lily said...

a tea party? Hmmm, looks like an intervention of some sort. I thought 20 somethings would be up and moving around, not all sitting quietly in a circle. Perhaps 'the boys' need a lesson on how to throw a party?

megan said...

it was a valiant effort for what it was though. they did pretty well without any help