Saturday, October 18, 2008

better than ice cream

i only have a minute to update before i hit the pillow. i'm waking up super early tomorrow to go see bobo's daughter jaime at her school because it's track and field day. last year she got the gold medal. i have class at 9 so i think i'm going to miss her runnning, so i made a poster for bobo to hold:

it says 'jia yo, jia yo' which means 'go, go!' basically. jai yo on it's own means 'fill it up' as in a gas tank. but if you say it 2 or 3 times in a row, it's like a motivational thing.

there's not much else to say about today. my body has been waking up around 9 without an alarm which is much better than 11. it's nice to be on the internet when i have a lot of bandwidth all to myself, at the very least. when we're all on from 10pm to 1 or 2am, everything is soo sloow.

if you didn't see obama's speech/stand up routine at the Alfred E. Smith memorial dinner, you need to watch it. some of it's kind of forced, but on the whole, it's just really clever and funny.

ways that taiwan kicks america's butt:
-it's illegal not to recycle. you have to separate your trash into garbage, recyclables, and compost. 3 different trucks come along and collect them every day
-there are tons and tons of fresh juice and drink stores everywhere you go
-all kids in public schools wear uniforms to school and then they literally wear 2 or 3 other outfits the rest of the time. i have kids who have worn the exact same outfit to my class for the last 4 months and it's so much less wasteful than having a million outfits
-in the morning, the main street turns into a giant market. fish flapping around, fresh vegetables and fruit are everywhere and then it all shuts down around 11 and the street turns back into little shops until the next morning

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