Wednesday, October 22, 2008

life goes easy on me

when i got to the hospital today to teach the ladies, the lady who walks me down every day told me this would be the last class, so i'm all done with the hospital. i think they know a little more than they started with. i'm going to push to get the english fixed on the forms though.

i have a bunch of pictures for you!
i cleaned my room because i was beginning to feel a little cluttered:
(this is an 'after' photo)

remember the scooter burn?

it's pretty well healed. i just have a weird scar that hasn't changed in a few months. i'm assuming the dark part will eventually heal and be white like the rest of it.

remember the scooter gashes?

man, just looking at the pictures hurts :P
almost all gone. i think i have some permanent taiwanese street in my leg though. you can't see it here, but the one on the underside of my leg has a thin gray line.

time to read and get in bed. p.s. i applied for a job at home that i would looooove. so, visualize me working at the coolest company in austin.

fun facts from tonight's section of a short history of nearly everything by bill bryson:
- 'a fluffy summer cumulus (cloud) several hundred yards to a side may contain no more than twenty five or thirty gallons of water, about enough to fill up a bath tub.'
- it can take 1,500 years for water to travel from the north atlantic to the mid pacific ocean

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