Friday, October 3, 2008

there's an old hotel right on the beach

my kids were going insane tonight and i have the biggest headache. sheesh. i think i kind of dug a hole for myself because i started pretending to have kung fu fights with my mostly-boys class, and one of the kids keeps hitting me really hard. i don't think i translated 'pretend'. he's also just a fiesty kid though. he and his brother are twins and they're really small and adorable.
they recite lessons to us at break time and his brother, alvin, was trying to recite to me tonight. when they don't know it well enough, i say 'goodbyeee' and they have to try again later, but alvin just kept walking to the back of the line on his own tonight because he knew he had no idea what he had to say.

i went to latini's for lunch because i haven't been there since.. sunday? is that possible? and i was practicing my characters and jerry walked in unexpectedly with his booming NI HAOOOO and we had a quick lunch.

it was a quiet day though. i made a package of the mashed potatoes gram and spanky sent and accidentally poured a cup of scalding water all over my hand :( it just kind of tipped over on me. everyone commented on my clumsiness, citing the scooter burn, scooter accident, and burnt hand.grandpa len, as we called him 10 years ago, continues to do well in the hospital. dad used the word 'chatty'. time for bed! 9am class tomorrow. i'll leave you with this picture of matt


Aunt Carol said...

We went in to see Spanky and he was sitting in a chair. He had just come back from "nuclear medicine" where they took pictures of his kidneys. He was mad because the machine wasn't General Electric!

Anonymous said...

hah! matt. i'm sure he appreciates that.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that picture existed but I'm glad it does. My arms still have freckle sleeves from that sunburn.