Thursday, October 30, 2008

be our guest, be our guest

this morning i mailed in my absentee ballot. it should be there by the 4th, or so they said. i rode this bike that's been in the dorm for a long time to the post office and it was pretty convenient. shortened my 15 minute walk to a 3 minute bike ride. i also pedaled down to the yoga studio while i was out. i'm going to go to a test class on thursday. the woman was concerned about the class being in chinese, but i told her i can just watch what they do and it should be ok.

amanda sent me pictures tonight so i get to show you my friends in da chu. when i got there tonight, they had a lemon green tea for me :)
mr kuo (on the left), mr. wang and i. mr. wang is allllways sauced up. but he's nice.
amanda and i in front of mr. kuo's at da chu yesterday. she translates a lot for me when i'm there. sometimes they go wake her up so she can figure something out for us.
mr. kuo, mrs. chan and i yesterday. i wish they were smiling! they both have such gratifying smiles. i'll bring my fancy camera on saturday and see what i can do.

it's halloween day 2 at school:
the other teachers are pretty creative
dena made a turtle costume out of a giant box. christine is beside her in the police outfit and i'm not sure who the other people are
meghan as a head on a platter. my kids asked me why she was dressed up like a table after we left her class.
this is my coteacher, carol. her mom made her costume

tonight while i was subbing, my baby class came in to trick or treat. so cute! the angel on the left is ally and she is so sweet and tiny, but she can't speak barely a word of english.
my red book class trick or treating in josh's class

tonight was interesting. my regular coteacher in the class pictured above, emily, wasn't there today so we had a sub. it was clear that emily is the disciplinarian in our class, as they were kind of crazy tonight. we had fun though.
i had to leave that class early to book it over to guei shan to sub a THREE HOUR class by myself. it was pretty long. they're the highest level there is though, so it was easy. we just played a whole lot of games. and there were some kids in there i've subbed for before, so that was nice. there was a girl named josephine and i felt like i was talking to jeffy :P that's my nickname for him.


Anonymous said...

mmmeggie. the pictures are so cute. of course you would be a fairy. glad to hear all is going well, and it's almost november which means december is getting closer!

Anonymous said...

you posted at angel hour

megan said...

i saw that :)