Friday, October 24, 2008

twice as nice

3 minutes before my junior high class was to begin this afternoon, celia walks in to let me know she'll be observing my class for the first hour. the topic? love and dating. oh man! it was hilarious.
i had to teach: make out, fool around, and sexy, as well as lead a bunch of fairly uncomfortable conversations. fortunately, that class is super super cool (they're the ones pictured in my header). they speak really well, they're talkative, they like me, and we have fun the whole time.
today i assigned them questions that we had on the work sheet, and this table had the question: who is the sexiest person you know? and when i asked them, they all screamed 'MEGAN!' i must have been 4 shades of red.

random highlights from today-
- i stopped at mc donalds on the way home from class because it was on the way, and i ordered the 'spicy chicken burger' and it was all dark meat randomness. pretty disgusting. the mc donalds employee who took my order seemed all too excited to use her english though
- mrs. chan waved at me from across the street today as i walked into 7-11
- danielle and chris both had kindy classes for their first class today. i can't even imagine. i got mine 4 months into being here and i thought it was the hardest thing i had ever done. at least it's all down hill for them now
- steve took me to this place called Paspi for dinner tonight and it was delicious. they sell pizza and pasta and i ordered a hawaiian pizza and it was really tiny and tasty. i had kumkuat green tea too. i'm really going to miss the tea places. i love them.

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