Tuesday, October 14, 2008

happy birthday gram!

gram is 80 today, holy moly. thank goodness she broke her hip when i was 10 so i would have a good reason to fly out and spend some quality time in new hampshire. i've visited nearly every summer since then, and now gram and spanky have become some of my best friends. gram and i are always getting into giggle fits on the phone over various things and i call for recipes and i get the sewing group gossip. it's fun. i love my grandparents.

today was a lot of fun. it was good to be back at school. my first class is opening up to me a little more now and we played some fun games.
my second class is loud and fun. i hid this kid, kevin 2's, flip flop in my back pocket for a while, and kevin 1 drew a lot of attention to it, and i turned bright red and everyone was commenting on my blushing. it was pretty embarrassing but that class and i are pretty close. they can be a little unruly, but it's because we're having fun which is ok with me.

here are some more pictures from matzu. i'm going to go watch grey's anatomy, do some chinese homework and go to bed.
me pointing to where we were located at the time
me, josh, leila, dawn and alex

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Anonymous said...

i love the gram picture (and that dress...where has it gone?). xoxo.