Saturday, October 11, 2008

matzu update

hey friends, fam and keith :)
i found the internet on matzu. i'm only checking email quickly and then getting back to the whole 'remote, semi-deserted island' thing, but i wanted to give you a heads up that i was wrong, and i really get back monday night. i'm going to try to switch my flight to monday morning to go back on dawn and alex's plane, but in any case, it'll be monday. just didn't want you to think i fell off a cliff or something.

the island is very quiet, to put it nicely. i think the total population is 9,000 people, but our island is one of 5, and it's the 2nd biggest, so we probably have 3 or 4k. anyway, it's very small. there's a main street and a side street. our hotel is literally across the street from the 'airport' and in our day and a half here, we've completely exhausted this island. we're taking a ferry tomorrow to the bigger island.
memorable moments so far..
-yesterday alex and josh were on a scooter, alex pointed to something off in the distance and josh, who was driving, quit paying attention and drove into some brush on the side of the road. they were fine, but it was pretty funny.
-we ate waffles on this beautiful terrace overlooking the ocean today and a bride and groom showed up for a photo shoot. her dress was so pretty, i wish i had the nerve to sneak a picture.
this is the little village thing where we had waffles
-we drove to the highest (or one of the) highest points on the island today and it was ridiculously windy. there was a military outpost up there and out of nowhere, we see 3 soldiers pulling this live goat on a rope. we tried to ask what they were doing with it, but we couldn't understand what they were saying to us.

i guess that's the beginning and end of the memorable moments so far.
i've taken 142 pictures so you can look forward to those.
talk to you monday unless i break down and get online again in the next 2 days, which will probably happen.

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