Wednesday, October 15, 2008

not to pull your halo down

oh man, a week away from chinese really throws a wrench in the learning process. jerry and i were pretty behind today. we're learning dollars and cents, how to ask for change, and how to write big numbers. it's too bad it's so useful in everyday life or i could just gloss over it.

the hospital was funny today. we got through all of the planned material and had some time left over so they asked if i wanted to know anything about taiwan or if i had any questions about chinese, so i got out my homework books and they helped me with some of my characters. it's funny when someone who isn't in elementary school is learning something new because it seems like they should be better since they're older, but in reality, i'm an elementary student when it comes to characters. they were all laughing at my practice so far, but it's only been 2 months, so i didn't feel bad.

i've been going to keith's juice lady who opened a new store on my way to the bus stop home. he always used to give her the wrapper from his straw as there's a lack of public trash cans throughout taiwan, and i've continued the tradition. yesterday i had a pine-orange-banana smoothie and today was strawberry banana. she speaks english and she's a friendly face after a long day.

mom surprised gram by flying to new hampshire for her birthday. we got her 80 bulbs for her birthday and mom's going to plant them and hang out with spanky so gram can run errands this week. i'm jealous that she gets to visit.

that's the news for today.


Majjy said...

We planted over 200 bulbs today- fancy lavender tulips, unique parrot looking daffodils and an assortment of pastel tulips. The brook and street views should be beautiful next spring.
It was a glorious fall day in New England- crisp, clear air and leaves twirling down to the ground in every fire color imaginable. Picture perfect weather!!

WK said...

Now that's a nice masthead