Tuesday, October 7, 2008

well then don't be afraid to take me by the hand if you want to

if you haven't heard michael buble sing 'wonderful tonight' you need to youtube it right now. i'd send you the link but i think taiwanese youtube would be really slow for you. anyway some italian guy (i think he's italian..? it doesn't sound like spanish to me) sings with him and it is soooo goooodd. so good.

jerry and i went to chinese this morning and then we went to latini's for lunch and it was a bunch of fun. we're getting to the point where we can say a lot of general things in chinese which is fun. and since i've been learning and practicing on the owner and the waitstaff this whole time, they always understand what i'm saying which is really nice. lots of times in the real world, people look at me blankly or just refuse to try to guess my meaning.
jerry and i split a delicious pizza and i had a vanilla latte because it was rainy and a little chilly out.
anyway after jerry left, i was the only one in there and i asked one of the guys, justin, if his girlfriend was very beautiful. 'ni de nupengyou hen piao liang ma?' and justin told me i'm more beautiful than her. i told him you're not supposed to say that!
and he asked me, in english, if i had been to taipei 101 and i said 'ni ke yi shuo zhongwen' which is 'you can speak chinese' and he said it again. so things are moving right along in the language department.

i think i got back on the teaching bandwagon tonight. i brought my kids lifesavers and pretzels and they brought me some candy and we had fun in both classes. it's pretty odd to be the rule maker though. i still feel like i'm pretending. they asked if they were allowed to eat the candy in class and i said sure. in general, i'm trying to go with maj's rule that if you don't do anything stupid, you can have a long leash.
the thing is that i never learned what happens if you cross the line. when i was little, the fear of the unknown was enough to keep me from testing the limits, but a lot of these kids don't have that. in my saturday class, i have a kid who i asked to move seats and he looked at me and just said no. i can't really do anything to him though since if there's a discipline problem, they say it's the teacher's fault for not being fun enough in class. so i just held up class until he moved. who knows!


Anonymous said...

You are learning so much Meg! I hope you take the time to enjoy all of this. There are lots of folks watching from afar via your blog and it's like you are almost there. I'm sitting in a Ruby Tuesday in Arlington. waiting for a burger. Tomorrow and WednesdayI have a meeting in the building you see when going to Ronald Reagan Airport in DC. That'll be weird huh? I've seen it a million times but have never been there. Spike and Maj called me for my clam sauce recipe tonight. Spanky is going home tomorrow and all uis right with the world..
Love you,

Katherine said...

yay! I'm so glad you signed up. I was thinking of you when I read it, since it's more pertinent to you than to someone in DC...