Sunday, October 19, 2008

it's drivin' me out of my mind

another early morning, but it was worth it today. i woke up to listen to UT crush mizzou at 8 this morning and then i went to this swimming center with bobo, her husband jack and jaime and joyce. it was a lap pool on one side and then an asian-tastic water massage extravaganza on the other side. there were probably 10 different little centers where you could push a button and bubbles would come up from the bottom or the side of the pool and massage your feet or back. there was one that was shaped like a chair and you could lie back and bubbles came up under you. one was a big metal arch and water poured out in jets and massaged your shoulders and arms. it was pretty cool.
bobo is pretty big on exposing her foreigners to taiwanese cultural things. she took me in the steam room and we sweat together for a while :P i've never been in a steam room. it must have been a million % humidity in there. man.

after swimming, i went to a japanese restaurant with them, where i had really yummy pork and vegetable soup with noodles, and then we went to get green tea to cut the oil from lunch. the tea place was right down the street from the dorm, but i've never been because i don't know any tea vocabulary. but now i can say lemon green tea with honey, so i'm all set.

then i headed to latini for chinese but it was really busy. for a while i got to sit in the secret place under the stairs:

it's like a little corner behind the fridge and behind the shelf with the silverware on it, so people would go to get an extra napkin or something and see me in the secret hiding place. i really like sitting in there.

i brought over some toast to eat while i was in the secret corner.

linda and i went over numbers today. it makes a lot more sense the second time around. i was really confused earlier this week, but i think i'm good now.
the best part about chinese today was that linda brought her wedding album. people in taiwan take these really fantastic wedding photos with rented costumes and weird poses and things, and i've been bugging dan to bring it for a while. i didn't realize how big it would be though. the thing was easily a foot and a half by 2 feet. it came with it's own carrying case and looked like it weighed 20 lbs.
they both look so young!
this is on my way home tonight, through olympic park

so it was a busy but productive, fun day. i love playing with jaime and joyce. it's interesting to have such a big influence on them. jaime saw me swimming backwards in the pool today and she started trying it out too. then when i was drying my hair and scrunching it up, she tried that out.
and joyce is just so adorable in every way. she knows how to manipulate you like a pro, but she smiles so sweetly that you have no choice but to let her order you around :P

this is the front of the spa next to latinis.

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