Friday, October 3, 2008

me and mrs. jones

ohmygoddd i love michael buble so much. i love the songs he sings. i love the way he sings them. (listen to this. it is so pretty.) when i was the swing girl, the coolest job i've ever had, the piano player used to play 'me and mrs. jones' sometimes when i would swing.
(if you didn't know me before this blog, it was at this themed restaurant, old san francisco steak house, where there was a swing that hung down from the ceiling and a girl would get on it once an hour and hit bells on the ceiling with her feet. the rest of the time, she's a hostess. i worked there during college.)

gram and spanky's boxes came today!
2 of them, full of more things than seemed like would fit in the boxes. candy corn (my faaaavorite), black ballpoint pens, mashed potatoes, hot chocolate mix, a couple of cute shirts, tea, childrens books and stickers and colored pencils and crayons, cheese and a million other things. mustard and pretzels, baking soda, baking powder, a tape on learning chinese.
i've been thinking about spanky a lot the last few days. he's being operated on today, or he was a few hours ago, for the tumor on his kidney. he's tough though and he's the ideal patient. he does everything the doctors tell him to. aunt carol emailed an hour ago to say it went fine though, so i feel better.

steve is my saving grace on thursdays and saturdays. he's letting me use his scooter to get to my hard-to-get-to-by-bus classes and it's really really convenient. we went bowling tonight with the usual suspects and i drove us home on the scooter tonight since we were just going down the street and it was so hard! it defintiely feels different to drive with an added 200something pounds. but we made it.

time for bed. i can't waaiiiittt to read the transcript/watch clips of the VP debate. goodnight!

that's not even the half of them, kids. how do you spell 'spoiled'? :)


Majjy said...

Grandpa made it through surgery with flying colors. The surgeon saved the kidney so he'll have two instead of one. The pathologist said he got clear margins and these stitched him back together. He's currently in recovery.
Pretty good for a spry 85!!!!

Its_Lily said...

Spoiled? I'll say....enjoy it. It just shows you're loved. Glad your grandpa is doing well after the surgery.

Anonymous said...

yeah, you forgot my mashed-up box! =) glad to hear spanky's doing well. i just remembered your dad's in cali. strange.

Anonymous said...

DID YOU KNOW we're going on cruises and traveling in general rather than gifting for Christmas as of this year? It's ok if you you didn't, Mom wasn't aware either until I informed her yesterday.

megan said...

fajjy? sign me up! i want to go on a cruise

megan said...

nope, must be aunt carol.

Anonymous said...

its matt dummy

Anonymous said...

How about a nice cruise....right up to Round Rock?

stace-c said...

oh my gosh! I didn't know you were a swing girl at Old San Francisco! That is SO cool.