Friday, October 17, 2008

i hear in my mind, all of this music
2 months! shady grove, here i come.
roasted vegetable chili. roasted chiles, sweet corn, fresh veggies and beans topped with cheese, onions and jalapenos. i get it without onions and jalapenos and it is soooo delicioussss. they serve it with a hot, slightly sweet flour tortilla underneath. i could die.

thomas asked me where he could find frito pie and it got me thinking about places to eat in austin. tonight, my class had a pizza party because 3 kids each got one of their friends to enroll, so we got a reward. the pizza was like chinese food on top of a pizza. it was bizarre. it was honest-to-goodness beef with broccoli on top of a cheese pizza.
i brought in one of the books spanky sent me and i had to explain what a radish was. i also demonstrated wheelbarrow racing. they thought that was kind of crazy.

the big news at the dorm is that we're getting 3 new people in the next week or two. mike, .. now i cant remember the other names.. chris and danielle. mike is supposed to be here tomorrow and the other 2 in the next 2 weeks. even though for practical reasons, more people in here isn't a good thing, i'm still excited. who cares if there's less fridge space and we need to buy toilet paper more often.

if you haven't watched the video i just posted, go watch it. the design of it alone is inspiring, but the message is even better. i donated $12 to help 2 girls in bangledash.

and! UT is ranked first in the nation in college football right now. last time i was out of the country for an extended period of time, we won the rose bowl.


Anonymous said...

well, let's hope you stay away long enough for UT to stay #1 but not too long... 2 months. yeppie! oh, and p.s. i think i fail the "type in these letters so we know you're a real person" test at least once every time i post. =)

megan said...

i always knew you were part computer :P