Tuesday, October 28, 2008

time is racing toward us

i wonder if i can find a feature that lets me plays songs on my blog. jerry and i were singing 'let's get down to business.. to escape.. the huns! why did you give me daughters.. when i asked.. for sonsss!' from mulan this morning after chinese. and i told patrick, in austin, about it just now and he said it was stuck in his head yesterday. concidence? trans-continental connection?!

bought my halloween costume today. preview here:
what else happened today..
went to latinis for lunch. justin said 'see you tomorrow' and this guy, dan's friend, said 'you can say that in chinese' so he rephrased it. they make me laugh. dan is learning italian so we try to communicate in spanish/italian. it doesn't work.
made rice crispie treats tonight! emil helped me mix in the rice crispies which is always the worst part of it. thank you soo much, lily. we were all really excited and a few people who had never made them before (i didn't know people like that existed) learned how.
i also baked these potato thingies i bought at IKEA and sprinkled them with dill dip. yumm.

in class tonight, eason was calling me a snowman because i was wearing a gray shirt..? and judy and jennifer are endlessly fascinated by the clasp on my bracelet and every class now they take it off my arm, put it on one of them, and put it back on me. that class was hard today. i had to teach when to use 'before, starts and ends' today. it's tricky figuring out what the usage rules for those words are. every time i thought i came up with an explanation, some kid thought of an exception.
time for bed. i'm beat.


missris said...

I have never made rice crispies treat. :)

missris said...

Recipe? I seriously have never even thought about it. I might have eaten like, three rice crispie treats in my whole life. I know, I'm un-American. Call HUAC.