Sunday, October 5, 2008

the line forms on the right, babe

730 comes early when you're used to waking up around 10:30, and this morning the sun was insisting that i get out of bed by shining right in my eyes.

there are two girls in my kindy classes that are made of pure joy and sunshine, vivian and nicole. both are at least a foot shorter than anyone else in their class and nicole is just the cutest little thing in the whole wide world. she always wears dresses and she has long hair that curls up at the ends and bounces all around. she loves to throw the dice way above her head and run around in circles before it lands and she's always sneaking looks at me and grinning.

vivian has glasses and sometimes wears an eye patch. her older sister is in the class and the two of them have so much fun together. vivian is so sneaky though. she's always peeking at my flash cards and screaming out the answer before i have a chance to turn them around. but you can't get mad because she's just so cute and happy all the time.

got the spanky update from dad tonight. apparently when he was out of it, he commented on how the xray machine was really slow and loud and how if it was a GE, it would have been better. he worked for GE all his life and he, and our whole family by default, are die-hard GE fans for life.

well, i went to my first KTV tonight (karaoke)
this is josh and noe singing some american song. it's like regular karaoke but you're just in a little room with your friends. the KTV places are amazing though. they look like hotels. the lobbies are really fancy with marble and oversized flower arrangements, and then you go up the elevator and there are numbered rooms.
i think they went through 2 24 packs of taiwan beer. it's a shame i didn't get a better picture of the label. taiwan beer is very popular here. it's a dollar a can at 7-11.
i'll post some more pictures once bobo posts hers on facebook. mine didn't turn out very well.

this is my project for tomorrow

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WK said...

I want to move to Asia just for the karaoke.