Sunday, October 12, 2008

matzu day 3

i guess since i bought an hour of internet time, i might as well write today's blog while i still remember what we did. it's always kind of lame to write it a few days later.

this morning, we woke up bright and early to catch the ferry to the biggest island, nangan. it was much bigger but everyone else says they like ours better. i liked nangan though. it would remind you of the san diego zoo or wild animal park. it was really green and lush, with random manicured flower beds along the roads. there's a vine or tree that has flowers that look like purple morning glories that's really pretty everywhere along the road.
we spent most of the morning bouncing around from place to place, looking for somewhere to eat breakfast. we finally settled at 7-11 after we weren't really able to find anything in town.

the funniest part of the day was finding a store that sold military uniforms and all of the accoutrements. these islands are dominated by the taiwanese military, and to walk in to a little store and buy their uniform was pretty funny. most of us bought a little hat that has the sun from the taiwanese flag on it, and the soldiers were saluting us and stuff. i asked one in chinese if he liked my hat and he said yes, it was very beautiful (in english). i'm not much of a hat girl, but it was fun to wear it for the day. josh bought a full uniform. hat, pants and jacket. he's going to wear it for halloween.

other than that, we checked out some of the tunnels along the sea where they used to keep ammunition and ships and keep watch. we watched an informational video at the tourism office.dawn in the temple to matzu. this guy was making funny hand gestures.

that's about it. lazy day! ..headed home tomorrow.

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