Wednesday, October 22, 2008

you can see her comin' from a mile away

the highlights:
chris and danielle arrived today. they seem genuinely normal and nice. they'll be a good addition to the craziness in the dorm. they're from canada, they've traveled a lot but haven't taught. they made it to the grocery store today on their own. it was danielle's birthday today but we didn't find out until like 10pm. i tried to organize a card, but i'm not sure how it turned out because i had to leave for pub quiz night

pub quiz night was really fun. they randomly assign the teams, so even though i went with steve, justin and mike, i was on a team with 3 guys who teach at the other group of schools in the south. there's a zhong li group and a taoyuan group, and we're taoyuan. anyway they were nice. i didn't contribute anything to the pub quiz itself except one question about full house, a tv show from my childhood. but it was nice to chat with new people and i was the only girl there which is always an interesting experience.

it's really late so i'm headed to bed.

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missris said...

I'm pretty much a Full House savant