Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'cause money can't buy me love

we made it back from matzu all in one piece.
this morning i tried to get on the earlier plane, but there was a 30-person long waiting list and i was #30, so i had to wait until 7. we tried the famous 'matzu bagel' today which is sort of like a bagel, with various fillings. this man made them for us with egg, onion and hot dogs scrambled together and served on a bagel thing. it wasn't very delicious.

then in the afternoon, leila, meghan, josh and i hiked to the top of the tallest mountain and took the road back down, which took the better part of the day to accomplish. i think i'm done hiking for the rest of my life. i just wasn't made for climbing up steep hills. but i'm glad we did it.

once we got into taipei, we ate dinner at the train station because it has a reallly good cafeteria upstairs. i had hummus, falafel and pita bread. sooo tasty. i was so happy to get out of matzu and back into civilization. and then we all went for coldstone before we caught the bus home. it was a good evening as far as food went. the specialties in matzu were the bagels, fish noodles, and this rice they make with the dregs of red wine, which is this red, pulpy stuff. it tastes kind of vinegary and weird. not my favorite.

here's the link on facebook if you'd like to see pictures with commentary. i'll add some in to my blogs from the last few days, too. glad to be back!

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