Wednesday, October 8, 2008

a kiss to build a dream on

there's not much that gram, jeffy and i have in common when it comes to music, but we all know the words to a kiss to build a dream on. it was my favorite song in 8th grade

things i find puzzling about taiwan:
-the buses. i ride one of the most popular routes, bus #15, home. there's always a giant crowd of high schoolers waiting to go home when i get out of class, and the bus driver lets everyone and anyone who's standing there on until no one else is waiting. the aisles are full, the front section by the driver is full, the stairwell is full.
but then, once people start to get off and seats open up, the people who are all crammed at the front a) don't move toward the back and b) don't sit in an empty seat. so the back can be almost completely empty but the people in the front are all squished together in a big huddle. it doesn't make any sense to me.

-there's a 7-11, family mart, OK mart or some other kind of convenience store literally on every single corner in the whole city, and then bunches more that aren't on corners. wikipedia says: Taiwan has a high density of 24-hour convenience stores, which in addition to the usual services, provide services on behalf of financial institutions or government agencies such as collection of parking fees, utility bills, traffic violation fines, and credit card payments.

i brought a package of pretzel sticks to class tonight and there was a mixed, but generally positive reaction from the kids. i think tomorrow i might bring my precious parmesan goldfish. i'm pretty sure they don't have goldfish here.
in other food-related news, i made meatballs and sauteed zucchini and onions with dill tonight and it was tasty beyond words.


Margy said...

Great photo of you and the kids.
Nice touch. I love the description of the bus. Stay healthy.
Love Aunt Margy

missris said...

LOVE the new header!

Majjy said...

ditto on the header