Tuesday, October 21, 2008


chinese, lunch with JG and class this afternoon. it was a pretty low key day. i played a really fun game with both classes where they had to spell words with pieces of dry spaghetti. it was good to get to do something with their hands, and it was challenging. we had a lot of fun.

tonight i made scones that gram sent. they turned out well.
i bought cherry pie filling at FE21, one of the big fancy department stores. i also bought a raspberry peach snapple for like $4. but it was worth it. i really miss snapple.
..we ran out of dishes so i resorted to tupperware.
scones with chopsticks. that's classic.

this is steve looking fancy because he had a demo in his class today. it was kind of unfortunate timing for him because we havent had class 2 of the last 4 weeks, once for a typhoon day and once for 10/10 holidays, so we were all kind of off our game. some co teachers will try to catch up by teaching a lesson you're supposed to teach, but some don't, so you never really know what's going to happen when you show up for class.
i'm going to read under the tuscan sun for a bit before bed. it's nothing like the movie, of course, but the book is really good. lots of details. it makes me want to refurbish an old house in italy.


iynuhcuw said...


I like your blog!
Now I visit your blog everyday and learn english from then

show some pictures to u


Anonymous said...

How about we buy you a pizza and you can refurbish a house in Round Rock?


Pappa :)

Margy said...

or, I could come to Italy and help you.
Aunt Margy