Wednesday, October 29, 2008

you always had an eye for things that glitter

the most memorable moment today was at mr. kuo's in da chu. lately, he's been calling me 'honey' with this giant smile on his face. he, mr. wang, and mr. something always hang out at his restaurant and drink bai jiu, distilled alcohol of some sort, and eat. i had lunch with them on saturday and then i went for an early dinner tonight. mr. wang, who speaks the most english, told me that he cried and cried from sunday until today because 'i no see you' for 3 days.
they wanted to know what state i was from, where it was located, where LA, las vegas, washington and florida were. we also went over the words for north, south, east and west in chinese.
mrs. chan gave me some seaweed soup to try. i took a bite but i really don't care for seaweed soup so i said i was full from the fried rice.
mr. kuo tried to insist that i didn't need to pay because 'we are family' but i feel weird not paying, so i insisted that i pay. they give me free stuff all the time in addition to my meal, i don't want to get the meal for free too.

not too much else happened today. i bought a dress from a lady on the street and she told me my chinese was very good. and on the bus tonight i tried to ask these high school boys a question about a character in my book, but high school boys are notorious for being giggly around here, so they weren't much help. sissies!

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Majjy said...

Back in Austin after a lovely visit with our family in the northeast. The fall foliage was at peak when I got there in mid October. I got a chuckle out of hearing the 10 year old girl in the window seat behind me "ooh and aah" at the fire colors as we descended into the Manchester airport. It really was a spectacular display.

I had hoped to avoid Halloween candy duty this year (a first) by going to the lake on Friday morning with Faj but Jeff has his heart set on dressing up as Buckethead- his guitar hero- and wailing on his guitar in the front we'll see how it plays out. Kids!?!?!?!?!