Saturday, October 25, 2008

from sea to shining sea

i am so tiredd and i have to get up so early. this will be quick.
-went to lunch at latini's (where else?) with alex and his mom. it was interesting to meet her since we've been reading each others blogs for a few months now but we had never met before. she's super nice and fun and i'm glad we got to meet. she brought me marshmallows, rice crispies, chocolate chips and canned pumpkin to make rice crispie treats and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! i'm thrilled.

-successfully herded my mostly-boys class to mc donalds and back without any casualties. gene was lovely and it was a fun trip. i was in the front of the line and he brought up the rear. i felt like a mother duck. i'm going to be so neurotic when i have kids. i can feel my blood pressure rising when we have to cross a street or when there's no sidewalk.
moms here take their babies on their scooters without any protection and i just don't understand it. little kids, like 3 and 4 year olds, stand on the scooter in front of their mom and just hold on to the front of it while she drives. if you crash, your kid just goes flying. i can't imagine.

-went to movie night at bobo's. the security guard, a bettel (pronounced beatle) nut enthusiast, asked me to marry him while he let me up on the elevator (they need to use their little key thing for the elevator to work). i said no, thank you. he said 'we're both very tall!' but he didn't persuade me.
bobo's mom is in town from somewhere in the south of taiwan. she's apparently pretty progressive as she's staying in a hotel instead of at their house. she seemed nice. bobo said her mom is only 50 but she told us that she's 36, so i'm not sure if it all adds up..

time for bed! kindys in the morning. saturday mornings are so rough.

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