Sunday, October 26, 2008

walk with me, walk with me

this morning seems like it was so long ago!
stayed up til 1:30 and decided to catch some sleep before the game came on at 2:30
woke up at 2:30, was completely out of it and tired, set my alarm for 4:30
woke up and listened to the second half. we won 28-24! still ranked first in the country
then i went back to bed and i dreamed that i was dating colt mccoy, the quarterback and we went to this big fancy banquet. it was a pretty football-tastic morning.

then steve, noe, mike and i went to IKEA this afternoon for lunch. i had salmon with radioactive green chive sauce. it was pretty good. i like how that IKEA smells just like the one at home. and i bought some of those raspberry cookies. i think i've eaten 6 so far :X

came back and went to chinese with linda. i have a hard time keeping six, liu, and nine, jiu, straight.. so she had danny, her 5 year old son, teach me how the taiwanese kids learn to count. liu rhymes with whistle in chinese and jiu rhymes with balloon. didn't reaaally help since i don't know the words for whistle and balloon, but it was still funny.
other chinese lessons:
-taoyuan (tao is peach, yuan is garden) is the name of a mythical chinese town where everything is ideal and peaceful
-tung an (the name of my street) means 'a safe place where happy people live'
-da yuan, a town close to where i teach, means 'big garden' because not many people live there so it's mostly open land

right after chinese, i went to bobo's and she, jack, the girls and i went swimming again. joyce was super cute in a ruffly bathing suit. my bottoms had ruffles last time and she was inspired. we had fun swimming and jaime and i tried out everything in the little spa section.
afterwards, they all came to the dorm and joyce and jaime got to meet everyone and see my room. they raided my sticker collection and everyone gave them some of their halloween candy when they visited their room. it was a tiny halloween around here.

the boys and i went to tapenyaki for dinner andd then i came home and watched harry potter 3 or 4 on tv. serena had a contest to see who could hold our arms up the longest and she won both times. i'm weak!

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