Wednesday, October 1, 2008

end up where i have started

it's a new month! hello, october. i like the first day of a new month because it's time to rewrite my schedule and look at a new picture for another 30 days. this calendar is inspirational words from women. october says 'do not delay. the golden moments fly.'

this will be quick because a) not a lot happened today and b) i need to write up 3 lesson plans quicklyy before i read. it makes me feel like a real teacher when i get to say 'i need to write a lesson plan.' ..anyway, jerry and i went to chinese today and i think we need to get back on the flash card train. there's no other way to learn the characters then to memorize them, and we've fallen way behind on that.
bobo made me feel better about my characters. my coteacher told me it looked like an elementary schooler wrote them, which i interpreted as 'it looks like a 6 yr old wrote that, it's so messy' but bobo said she probably meant it looks so by-the-book that it looks like an elementary schooler who's just learning so they do everything neatly. who knows.

after chinese i went to starbucks and then to the hospital for my lesson. while i was waiting for the ladies to arrive, this guy was talking to one of the girls and i noticed he was wearing a shirt from american eagle (their logo is an eagle and it's pretty recognizable) so i asked where he got it.. he said he lived in boston for a while to learn english, go to school, and watch baseball games. he said he had seen me in starbucks before and gave me his card. it is so tiny:
look at it compared to a normal business card. it just has his name (bruce), email, and blog. it's funny to me when people say they've seen me somewhere. it's weird to be so recognizable.

i finished harry potter on the bus tonight. and i tried doing some chinese character practice but these jerks sitting next to me were talking about me really loudly and i put my book away so they would stop. they were calling out all of the words i was learning and laughing hysterically. it's embarrassing to have a bunch of kids talking about you in another language, causing everyone else to sneak looks at you.

the best news of today is that the weather was beauuutiful. it's cool and not very humid. i was wishing i had brought my hoodie with me because it was almost chilly waiting for the bus after class tonight.


Its_Lily said...

Megan, what is the business card with the owl on it? It's so darned cute!

megan said...

it's the school that tried to get me to leave my current school. but they were kind of giving me creepy vibes so i didnt go

Katherine said...

making fun? how?