Saturday, November 1, 2008

course by course, one by one

it was the last day of halloween! yippee, as majjy says. man my throat is so sore from screaming cues for halloween songs and shouting over loud, excited kids for 3 and a half hours. it was like a free for all today. everyone was wild.

gene and i. he teaches the class with mostly-boys and i am so thankful to have a guy coteacher in there.
we get to trick or treat at 7-11 at guei shan school
this is my other friday night class. they're realyl sweet. the turtle in the front is elaine, my coteacher. i didn't get any pictures of the front of her =\
ryan's mom made him this awesome suit covered in candy, and we all got to rip off a piece of candy at the end of class
the kid in front in the green and white, paul, is my favorite. he's tiny and cute but his feelings get hurt pretty easily. we joke around a lot though.

outside of school, the boys and i went to IKEA for lunch again this afternoon and we actually walked around the store this time. we tried out a bunch of the beds and chairs. it's almost torture to lie on a real bed for a minute. our beds are literally a plywood box with a 2 inch bamboo mat on top. mine is comfier now with keith's matress, but it still isn't anything like a real bed.

then tonight after work, a whole bunch of us went to bobo's for movie night. she hosts a movie night every friday and it's always fun. she's a fantastic hostess. she always has water and snacks and she's always asking if you need anything else. she also remembers everything about everyone and she always has something interesting to ask you.
time for bed though. 7:30 comes early on saturday mornings.

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