Thursday, November 20, 2008


it wont let me change around the order of my photos so here's the back of my new (old) scooter..

here's the side.. notice the new basket they put on it for me
it's only 50 cc's so it's pretty tiny, but it works. it has a lot of get up and go.

this is my new coat.. this is just the outside part
this is just the lining. the downy part..
and this is both of them, all poofy and warm

we went to japanese for dinner and i think 2 glasses of sake really warmed me up. it's still pretty chilly outside and in my room, but i feel really warm.

taught my outside class this morning. it was a review day so we played a bunch of games. we played a dating game that was pretty fun. i came up with lots of 'either-or' questions, they all had to write down their answer and then someone got up in front and read theirs one by one and everyone sat down as their lists differed. so it was like cat/dog, pizza/chicken, cake/ice cream, hot/cold. it was fun. i was pretending to be a game show host with my hand as a microphone until someone pointed out that we had a real microphone, but it freaked me out to hear my own voice radiating from the ceiling, so that didn't last long.

time to dry my hair, mingle, and go to sleep. i have to get up early tomorrow to register my scooter at the govt office.

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