Friday, November 21, 2008

this is my winter song to you

i downloaded a million things today. season 1 of gossip girl (which is a new-found guilty pleasure. it's a show on the CW about high school. it's for 16-18 year old girls and i love it. i've watched 3 episodes in 2 days :X), top chef season 5 episode 2, ingrid michaelson's CD 'boys and girls', aaand the first christmas CD of the season:
i've only listened to 3 songs so far, but they satisfy my need for christmas music without being overly choir-y or anything. some of them are originals, some are new.

it's good to have the internet. we're so global now.

today i bought a bunch of winter essentials. a red plaid scarf, a red hat with roses for earmuffs on the ears that Noe tolddd me was cute when i tried it on in the store, but it looked kind of stupid when i saw myself in it tonight when i got to a mirror. it's ok though, it's just to wear under my helmet to keep my head warmer. and i bought some gloves for the scooter.. and a cute silky brown hair bow with white polka dots that i guess doesn't technically count as a 'winter essential'.

time to dry my hair and watch one more gossip girl before bed. go youtube the winter songs CD and let me know what you think. i really like 'winter song' by ingrid michaelson and sarah barrieles (or however you spell it).

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