Friday, November 14, 2008


let's see. a couple of things.
-got up early this morning to go to yoga, but when i got there, no one was there. the door was locked and no one was home.. soo i decided to be semi-productive and hit the breakfast stand and go to the bank before my outside class. i'm $1200US richer which makes me feel good.
yumm danbing in the morning. it's like an unsweetened crepe with egg on one side and then they douse it with garlicy, syrupy soy sauce.

went to my outside class this afternoon and taught a lesson on money. i really enjoy those kids. they speak minimal chinese, are always polite, and say hello, goodbye and thank you without prompting.
after my regular class tonight i went to read for a bit at the coffee shop. i told bruce, the guy from the hospital, i'd be at the coffee shop from 9 to 10 but then i got a text from him around 930 asking where i was. i said at the coffee shop with the dog.. turns out he was at another coffee shop with a dog :P so he met up with me and we chatted for an hour or so. it was a breath of fresh air to talk to someone new and i feel better about staying here if i can make more friends.

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Its_Lily said...

Megan - danbing was my favorite food while I was there.! I'm still craving them. One of you over there reeeealy needs to find someone with a recipe. That's not something Alex and I learned at the Taiwan cooking class. Perhaps that's in Class 2 or 3 or...... I'll pay you a million Monopoly money to find a recipe. That's how serious I am. *grins*