Friday, November 28, 2008

happy thanksgiving

it's funny how you get a feeling about people's personalities. i get really exhausted during my 2 hour outside class at the jr high because it's a giant classroom and there are twice as many kids as i'm used to, but they have such good energy that it's always a lot of fun.
they're preparing for some kind of show so today when i got there they were all doing this funny, nsync-esque choreographed dance. they were shy for 2 seconds before they said 'hey megan, check out our dance' and performed it for me. i really like them. today they told me i dress like a model. that made me laugh.
i wore the turkey earrings aunt carol sent in honor of thanksgiving today. it was funny because i forgot i was wearing them but when i went to class today, my kids looked at me oddly and started screaming 'SHE HAS TURKEY EARRINGS ON'. this picture doesn't really show them, but they were pretty funny. i'm thrilled my ears didn't get infected.

tonight i subbed a kindy class and i thought i was going to lose my mind. 13 6 and 7 year olds. i was screaming as loud as i could possibly go at one point and there was absolutely no response. it was sooo loud in there. i think one kid was seriously bipolar. one minute he was asking me every question he could think of, the next second he was bawling his eyes out.
i wore my festive red suede shoes today. they're getting really dirty from riding the scooter, but i love them.

it didn't feel like thanksgiving around here, but we did go to hot pot for dinner. 7 of us. it was fun. hot pot is a little bit of a special occasion place. i guess i talked about it when we went there last week, but it's like the melting pot but not really. man i would kill for the melting pot right now! mom said we can go there when i get back.

speaking of going home, i'm starting to get really, really excited. i peeked at my december calendar page today and it's really coming up quickly. one week of regular class, one week of special classes full of parent conferences and stuff, and then i go home on tuesday. i think 6 months is my cut off for not being able to see the fam. in some ways, it feels like a whole lifetime. but we talk every day so in other ways, nothing has changed.


Majjy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Meg.
We are cooking our version of classic holiday dinner....turkey with mashed potatoes, cranberry, stuffing and gravy, candied yams (Matt's request) and steamed green beans (Jeff's request.)No green bean casserole this year as we will save it for you at Christmas. Creamed spinach and creamed onions, cheesecake and pumpkin pie..........and bubbly kiddy champagne......wish you were here bu know we'll see you soon. Monday segues into December....YIPPEE!!
maj & faj

WK said...

Happy Om NomNomNom Day from across the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan When my class of 7 and 8 year olds get out of hand, I'll clap a pattern and have them imitate it. They have to quiet down to hear it and I keep changing the pattern until everyone is on board. My kids know and do this without me having to train them since they did it in first grade. Yours might need a little instruction first. Let me know how it works. Love you, Aunt Pam