Saturday, November 8, 2008

cozy and cold

i forgot to tell you that i brought ladyfingers to dan from latini's on saturday and he made me a little batch of tiramisu this week. he has lots of coffee stuff on his menu, but no dessert, which is a shame because i loooove tiramisu. anyway i went during the lunch rush right before i had class, and these women next to me were eyeing me as i ate it and they asked if it was on the menu and dan had to explain that it was really just for me because i requested it :P

class was fun today. all week, i've brought in colored paper and colored pencils and crayons that gram and spanky sent and we've been drawing things and labeling. today i had to teach a lesson on colors so it was especially appropriate. each kid drew a person and then colored and labeled their clothes with 'purple shirt, blue shorts, pink socks, yellow sneakers' or whatever. it was fun and it's a nice change to have them do something hands on. and it makes me feel more like myself and less like a pretend teacher.

the doorman at bobo's apartment complex calls me 'beautiful girl'. that doesn't get old. it's good to be blonde in taiwan.

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