Wednesday, November 12, 2008

is it everything you hoped it'd be?

well this morning i slept until 10:59 and i was supposed to be at chinese with jerry at 11, so i didn't make it. then dawn and i had plans to go to the bank at 1, but bobo called me at 12:30 and asked if i wanted to go to Costco with her, so dawn and i ended up going there with her and jaime instead.

costco in taipei is just like costco in austin except the noodle section is way bigger here. but they still have the frozen foods and meat and giant containers of everything. our problem was that none of us thought we could eat six packages-worth of whatever we wanted. i ended up buying pesto, these pretzel things, and tazo tea that fajjy used to buy me. it is delicious. especially brambleberry. it comes with brambleberry, peach tea, black tea and green tea.

this afternoon i steamed green beans with 2 cloves of garlic and some butter and they were sooo tasty. i don't usually like green beans but they tasted just like gram or maj made them. then tonight i used the leftover green beans and leftover pork tenderloin, potatoes, carrots and onions from yesterday to make shepherd's pie. i topped it with mashed potatoes and cheese from gram and spanky and it was really, really good.

this is steve and i a minute ago. i'm glad it's cold enough for me to wear my flannel jammies again.
when i got home tonight, i had a card under my door. check out the envelope.
keith said he saw it and it was calling my name :P

i'm going to go see if leslie's banana bread is done and try to rally the troops to watch another episode of Rome. Top chef starts tonight!


Its_Lily said...

I can see why the card would be calling you. It's adorable. And now you've got me craving green beans, but the garden is disassembled and put to bed (pun) for the winter. Drat!

Majjy said...

Green beans do sound good...maybe with pearl onions......yummy!

You got a second card from Keith today. This one was addressed to me and I'm assuming you sold his scooter and therefore the check?

N'est pas?


Anonymous said...

i wish i could wear flannel pjs. i always get too hot in the middle of the night.